Summer Scriptorium:: A Series on Wendell Berry

Summer Scriptorium:: A Series on Wendell Berryfeatured

The Online Scriptorium took a break during the winter and spring months as I had quite a full schedule. However, my summer has very little planned thanks to the third trimester slow down; there is nothing more I would love to do is to read and discuss some literature with all of you. This year I chose Wendell Berry as my educational mentor, and I thought it would be fun to meet up in June, July, and August to discuss some of his fiction, essays, and poetry. I was blessed to attend the CiRCE winter conference in KY this past January where Wendell Berry read two of his short stories and answered some questions. Listening to him read his work opened up my mind to enjoy his work on a deeper level; his work sounded lovely on the ears and the cadence in which he writes revealed another layer (kind of like when I first heard the Psalms chanted back and forth during Vespers). Click over to Crowdcast ( to register for a spot! There will be a replay available.

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