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Well, it’s been awhile, huh? I feel like it could still be February, but the weather and Church calendar remind me that it’s almost Easter! The podcast has been rolling along with some amazing interviews that have kept me thinking about the liberal arts. I was so quiet during the interview with Angelina Stanford because there was so much to absorb. Plus, it was really nice to hear someone else say some of the same things I have said or been thinking.

Graduate school has been challenging in a way I didn’t expect. I knew my time would be effected and the reading would be intense; however, I did not expect the forums to take so much out me. As an introvert, I guess I should have realized that. However, it came as a surprise. These past two weeks have been trying and draining. Who knew that people even in a forum could drag this introvert into the pits of despair. A little much? Yeah, I know. I just can’t people all that much these days…

During this Lent, I began the Sirach Bible Study from Jenny at the Littlest Way which I fell woefully behind in completely. However, the best thing that came out of what I have done so far is to clarify my vocation of motherhood and what that looks like currently. This fifth pregnancy has been easy in some ways and difficult in other ways; currently, I am over extending myself and allowing my boundaries to be trampled out of accommodation. I have gone from a conserver of energy to an expender of energy with nothing left to conserve by the end of the day. During this Lent, I focused on attending Saturday Holy Mass and exposition when Jeff was home as well as being in bed by 10:30 pm. This past week, I have carved out three hours in the afternoon to focus on my school work, blogging (oh so many draft posts), and the podcast. My prayer life has been more informal than formal, but I think I can correct that with using the evening time to focus on my Rule instead of attempting to cram it in during the afternoon. Speaking of Lent, Holy Week starts tomorrow! Here are some past links as to how we celebrate this holiest of weeks:

Holy Monday

Holy Tuesday

Spy Wednesday

Maundy Thursday

Good Friday

Holy Saturday

This week we are focusing on cleaning our downstairs library and the garage. Ugh. It is going to be a JOB. We have been moving around books and buying new furniture over these last few months, so that room has been the dumping ground for anything and everything. Not to mention, the legos have been scattered around the garage and we still have boxes of random things left from our move to San Diego (almost two years ago, now). I am really tired of running over legos and stepping on them while carrying groceries. As an awesome side effect, Jeff can finally build his homemade forge with all the space to melt his millions of aluminum cans piled in the corner. If this economy begins using aluminum as a currency, we are set. Bring it on zombie apocalypse.

As for my reading, I have been reading more than I anticipated. I finished a fun cozy English village murder mystery, Up from the Grave in March. I finished The Odyssey as my re-read this year; Leo read this comic book version by Gareth Hinds. We have had many interesting and enjoyable conversations about the story and characters in the evenings when the littles are put to bed. A Consolation of Philosophy was a great surprise to read. I highly enjoyed reading through Boethius’ dialogue with Lady Philosophy; I am still mulling it all over in the mind palace.

Look forward to another round of the Online Scriptorium coming in June with some awesome updates!

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