Commonplaces and Notebooking :: Seven Quick Takes

Commonplaces and Notebooking :: Seven Quick Takesfeatured

Notebooks and diaries have been a constant companion in my life. Reading The Living Page by Laurie Bestvater, I realized just how much I rely on writing to process what I read and help work through rough emotional patches. The tactile pleasure of writing and fresh blank sheets provide this excitement sparking my mind palace into working overtime.


This is the lovely home for all of my notebooks!

  This week, I am sharing the seven types of notebooks that I keep consistently. Kelly over at This Ain’t the Lyceum is hosting some more awesome Quick Takes. So, click over and visit her as she’s writing from home this week.




I think my quote lust began in middle school. I would use my computer club time looking for quotes and printing them out. Over time that developed into entering the quotes into a sketchbook with magazine cuttings or doodles. Little did I know then that what I was doing was keeping a commonplace of sorts.

Today, my commonplace is full of quotes from current readings or notes from podcasts. Occasionally, I might expand a quote with personal notes but not typically. I use the margins of my books for that! After listening to the webinar from Sarah Mackenzie and Andrew Kern, I began utilizing his highlighting system while I read. Check out Jennifer Dow at Expanding Wisdom for a pencil-based system.


Book of Centuries


This is actually a family endeavor. As we are doing our Classically Catholic Memory Timeline, I write in the new dates. I have also entered in the Popes, favorite Saints, and other people, places, or events that strike our fancy. Jeff illustrates tea cups and swords through the ages for us.


Reading Journal


A dear friend gifted me with this journal over Christmas; it has really been a joy to reflect over a book with a cup of coffee and a nice pen.


Nature Journalnaturejournal

Blackmail material, right here folks. Jeff is a fabulous watercolor artist, and he has been generous enough to help me learn how to paint. Whatever he did in his youth, he is paying for it. Despite my handicap with watercolors, my love of flowers has blossomed into a passion and past time.


Prayer Journal


This is really a place to meditate on prayers through s-l-o-w-l-y writing them out. I also keep track of novenas, my prayer habits, and intentions other give me. For May, I am focusing on finding a scripture verse for each chickadee, and exploring Marian titles under which I will consecrate each chickadee (thanks Colleen Mitchell for the idea!)


Definition Booklets


If I don’t know it, I look it up, and I write it down.


Misc. Notebooks

miscnotebook Budgeting, blog ideas, homeschooling schedules, etc. All the mess of the mind palace gets put here.

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