4 Tips for Maintaining a Commonplace

4 Tips for Maintaining a Commonplacefeatured


maintain-21. Schedule a time to commonplace. I don’t have the time to commonplace every day; I do make time once a week to catch-up on entries. Find a time that you can commit to and write it on the schedule.

2. Create a ritual. Commonplacing is more than just “quote-keeping”.  It leads the person through the stages of lectio divina. In order to participate in that liturgy of learning, we have to form a series of habits that connects us to commonplacing. Light a candle; grab some wine; use a special pen.

3. Read quality books. This is probably the most subjective tip. The truth this is that yes a person can technically commonplace anything; however, some books are written with more beauty than others. Some books have more of the good, the true, and the beautiful than others.

4. Allow solitude to be present. Commonplacing engages the body with the physical act of writing, the mind with the task of reading and copying the text from the book, and the soul as it perceives the truth, the good, and the beautiful. Give yourself the gift of soft music or complete silence as you reconcile yourself to God.

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