Finishing up Term 2 and Life Lately

Finishing up Term 2 and Life Latelyfeatured

Usually I find the summer to a lovely haze of long days and slow starts speckled with short bursts of activity. However, this summer has flown by inviting us to have a “hurry up and wait” attitude. We finished our term, had a baby, and are planning for a family vacation. I thought I would stop in and give y’all some of our highlights from the last few weeks.

:Finishing Up Term 2:

We started Term 2 in mid-April finishing up on July 14. I talked about Term 1 in this post and what materials we used as well as our basic daily routine. Thanks to a solid priority on skill work and basics in Term 1, my last trimester slump did not impact our routine as much as it could have. Memory work and morning time were again a priority and with great success. We were able to complete and enjoy the process because of the lack of outside activities. It was much easier to manage as well because the littles were happy to play downstairs with Duplos and cars with little fuss (I am pretty sure this was a gift from the Holy Family!). We did not get as much time with our composer for the term or much time with structured art as I had thought we would. However, my husband, Jeff, has done some impressive cardboard murals and cutouts with the chickadees along with some prop making.

:Odysseus is Here:

We welcomed this baby boy on July 22nd at 1:29 am weighing in at 8 lbs. and 12 oz., our second biggest baby. He gave me a run for my money the last three weeks with prodromal labour and a compound presentation. His labour was intense; however, I think that the prayer intentions I was privileged to carry required the intensity. So many difficult situations and intentions came to my inbox that last week. So many ladies and families prayed for me and the baby. I appreciate the prayers, and I hope mine were straight to God’s ears on their behalf. Odysseus has been a relatively quiet baby who enjoys swaddling (our first!) and his owl pillow. Overall, Bubba thinks we should keep him even if he does wake her up at night…

:Summer Scriptorium:


I hope you will join me for the last installment of the Summer Scriptorium. I hated to cancel last month, but prodromal labour…ugh… August 16th at 6pm PDT join me for an hour talking about the poetry and essays of Wendell Berry. I don’t know if I will be doing the Scriptorium after August since I will be back to grad classes, homeschooling, and the podcast.


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