Favorite Family Poetry :: 7 Books of Poetry for Building a Family Culture

Favorite Family Poetry :: 7 Books of Poetry for Building a Family Culturefeatured

Snuggling up under warm handmade blankets with mugs of cocoa and soft whispers of delight was the scene I pictured in my head when I thought of reading poetry to my children. Let’s just say it’s not quite that idyllic. Our nightly read alouds have been known to have the usual hitting, pushing, bloody nose from a swift baby kick to the face, and don’t forget the dog vomiting on the book that one time. However, there are nights where we find a grove with some quiet journaling or drawing while I read some poetry. Poetry just feels right for nighttime. It’s soft imagery and sing-song tone. It’s that beginning of the dream.



In The Nursery Vol. 1 from the “My Book House” collection is a favorite in these parts. There are nursery rhymes from around the world with colorful vintage picture, and delightful cheery verses. We have two different sets; the 1971 edition (white, 12 books) and the 1950 edition (rainbow set, 12 books). There are some differences between the editions, but I don’t think that is a huge deal. It’s fun and showcases how much Mrs. Miller loved these books.



While these are not the epitome of high brow poetry, Leo has thoroughly enjoyed reading Douglas Florian’s poems about insects, mammals, birds, fish, and many more animals. What’s great is that they are inexpensive and easily found on Amazon or at the library.



Corgis and beautiful poems? This recipe for awesome awaits you.



I bought this on a whim, and I ended up very happy with how much we have read through this book. The poems are collected by themes surrounding the self, family, and other great themes. Not to mention there is a wide selection of authors.



A feast for the eyes and the heart with some lovely drawbacks to the earliest poems in American history.



A classic. Who didn’t have this book on their shelf growing up?



We use this book alongside of The Book of Virtues. The Children’s Book of Virtues is easily read by Leo and can fit on tiny laps, so usually Leo will read this to his siblings or peruse it while I read from the larger Book of Virtues. 

If you have a favorite poem or book, leave me a comment. I would love to hear your family’s experiences with poetry. Check out Kelly for some Cleansing Tips over at This Ain’t the Lyceum.


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