Measuring and Cooking :: Classically Catholic Memory Beta Math

Measuring and Cooking :: Classically Catholic Memory Beta Mathfeatured

Last year, I provided a list of the resources I used for Classically Catholic Memory (CCM) Year Alpha. Your responses with resource reviews, concerns, and the mentioning of your own resources used were a great inspiration in which I am grateful to have received. CCM Beta focuses each year on skip counting and an additional math knowledge sub-set. Beta focuses on conversion formulas like feet to inches, ounces to cups, etc.

For those not familiar with CCM, Classically Catholic Memory is a program that offers 18 weeks of content to explore and memorize in religion, history, math, science, great words (poetry, speeches, etc.), geography, Latin, and a timeline. I talked about how I utilize and organize CCM in our home and how I plan out our daily intensive which is a focused time during our morning liturgy routine where we focus on one subject from CCM in order to make connections to other subjects or areas of life. You can print a morning liturgy guide here. Basically, this focused time allows our family to integrate our lives with our studies. We concentrate on a math intensive during Wednesdays; this year we have been cooking after lessons for our afternoon tea treat.

Skip Counting Resources:

Measurement Resources:

  • Beanstalk: The Measure of a Giant by Anne McCallum
  • Measurement Games on PBS 
  • Rulers, Yard sticks, and sketch books: I basically explained what the measurement increments were and how the memory work applied to conversion formulas by allowing them to measure whatever they saw fit. When were playing outside, I would hand them a sketch book and a ruler and have them go at it. Sometimes, they needed help (especially the toddlers…not that they were accurately measuring) and sometimes they just wanted to compare their findings without my help. My goal was to get them comfortable with using the instruments not mastering the conversions during morning time since their math books cover that well.

Cooking Resources:


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