Through the Middle Ages :: Classically Catholic Memory Beta History

Through the Middle Ages :: Classically Catholic Memory Beta Historyfeatured

Last year, I provided a list of the resources I used for Classically Catholic Memory (CCM) Year Alpha. Your responses with resource reviews, concerns, and the mentioning of your own resources used were a great inspiration in which I am grateful to have received. CCM Beta was an exciting year to plan for as the Middle Ages are my favorite time period. Looking back to the source documents of the monasteries, early church fathers, and scholars like Boethius has always been a feast for my mind. I hope these resources will bring some inspiration for your own homeschool!

For those not familiar with CCM, Classically Catholic Memory is a program that offers 18 weeks of content to explore and memorize in religion, history, math, science, great words (poetry, speeches, etc.), geography, Latin, and a timeline. I talked about how I utilize and organize CCM in our home and how I plan out our daily intensive which is a focused time during our morning liturgy routine where we focus on one subject from CCM in order to make connections to other subjects or areas of life. You can print a morning liturgy guide here. Basically, this focused time allows our family to integrate our lives with our studies. Mondays we focus on history as an intensive.

CCM lessons are broken up by week; however we usually take 2 to 4 weeks for one CCM week of memory work. So this year in CCM Beta during week one, we read from Our Island Story by H. E. Marshall adding to our Book of Centuries as we go. Week two we use the following resources as read alouds or activities (if the book is an activity based book). I usually break up our intensives by 3 terms; it allows for 12 weeks to focus on a time period, a historical figure, or activities with a week break or grace period built into the schedule. My children are young elementary students, so the resources I mention below will be geared to the ages of 5 to 10. I have included several of the projects we did during the terms as well as a resource for Mom and Dad to peruse that fit into the topic of each term.

Our typical Monday intensive begins with ordering the timeline cards, then reading either the encyclopedia or read aloud and ends with adding something to our Book of Centuries. TAN Books has The Story of Civilization Vol. 2 rolling out soon, and I will be buying the audio books for car trips and evenings since we enjoyed Volume 1. Since we have our own timeline and Leo and Bella narrate history quite well, the workbooks and such are not a fit for us.


Term One: Early British History

  1. Our Island Saints
  2. Leif the Lucky
  3. Viking Adventure
  4. Norse Myths

Project: played “Shut the Box” (a game that dates to the Viking culture of the early 1000s), tracked the progression of Viking settlements on a map

For Mom and Dad: Early Christian Lives

Term Two: Medieval Life

  1. Year in a Castle
  2. Making of a Knight
  3. Medieval Feast
  4. Castle Diary ( a great free read option for a semi-fluent reader)
  5. Saint Biographies: Saint Louis and the Last Crusade, Joan of Arc, St. Benedict: Hero of the Hills
  6. Son of Charlemagne

Projects: studied calligraphy, made coat of arms for each child, planned a feast, visited a monastery, made books, Renaissance Faire

For Mom and Dad: The Rule of St. Benedict

Term Three: The Silk Road

  1. Life in Ancient China
  2. Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin
  3. Muhammad by Demi
  4. Rumi by Demi
  5. Marco Polo by Demi
  6. Genghis Khan by Demi
  7. The Silk Road by John S. Major
  8. Kubla Khan by Kathleen Krull

Project: tracked Marco Polo’s journey on a map, wove on a loom, visited Asian Cultural Society and art museum

For Mom and Dad: The Silk Roads: A New History of the World 

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