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Before I left for Europe, I posted an article about Scholé which lead to a huge boom in views, subscriptions, and emails. Now that I am back and in the full swing of the everyday, I thought I would pop on to introduce myself to any new people that I haven’t had the chance to Read more

54 Themes to Look for When Commonplacing

54 Themes to Look for When Commonplacingfeatured

I chatted tonight on Periscope (@betweenthelinensblog) about how to discern what to put in our commonplace books. Before we choose a book, it is important to ask, ” what is the purpose of our reading?” If we are reading to embody or understand the ideal type or a difficult emotion or even just to further our Read more

Choosing an Educational Mentor (Pssst….it’s Jennifer Dow)

Choosing an Educational Mentor (Pssst….it’s Jennifer Dow)featured

Last week, I did a Periscope video about a fabulous course I got to review. Jennifer Dow allowed me to access her course, The 5 Elements of Classical Homeschooling, in exchange for an honest review. The 5 Elements is on sale for $99.00! For Cyber Monday! then it goes up to $225.00. The great thing Read more

Join Us for Some #Adventing

Join Us for Some #Adventingfeatured

Advent is approaching. Despite my best attempts, I always fret and fuss allowing the bustle of the holiday season to overtake my desire for leisure. Speaking of leisure (or scholé if you will), I have been attempting to build habits which will provide a structure for experiencing scholé. What I have learned so far is that my Read more

Scoping Out A Community or Two…

Scoping Out A Community or Two…featured

Periscope. It’s become a favorite social media outlet of mine quickly. Periscope offers some face time with real people with real conversations. Basically, a “scope” involves a host who is live streaming conversation to the listeners. The listeners are able to type questions, comments, etc. for the host to read. Tapping the screen gives little Read more

Join Me Live On Periscope!

Join Me Live On Periscope!featured

Join me tomorrow on Periscope at betweenthelinensblog for the beginning of a little series about creating scholé for ourselves. My mind has been blown this summer reading Josef Pieper, Christopher Perrin, and so many other lovely ladies in a course offered by Classical Academic Press. Not to mention Teaching From Rest by Sarah Mackenzie has been Read more