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Holy Saturday

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Holy Saturday is the day of waiting, of mourning, of quiet grief. Since we sit at the tomb of our Lord with Mary Magdalene, our family does no preparation or feasting or activity outside of simple meals and family time like board games. Mary Magdalene is my patroness, so I often pray her chaplet with Read more

Good Friday

Good Fridayfeatured

Besides attending our parish’s solemn liturgy, we pray as a family the stations of the cross throughout the day as well as filling the house with chants from various Rites. A new favorite CD, Good Friday in Jerusalem by Cappella Romana (Thanks Jennifer!), will be a great addition to our quiet day. We start the day Read more

Maundy Thursday

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Holy Thursday, often called Maundy Thursday or Clean Thursday, is the day of the new commandment. Jesus instituted the Sacraments of Eucharist and Holy Orders; even though Jesus was celebrating Passover, we as Catholics are not to be participating in Seder Meals. For our family, we attempt to have the eggs dyed by now, since some Read more

Spy Wednesday

Spy Wednesdayfeatured

On Spy Wednesday, we recognize the traitor among Jesus. Judas Iscariot decides to sell Jesus for pieces of silver. Sometimes we hide quarters, but last year, I got 40 bouncy balls and threw them down in the living room. WOW! It was chaos. Plus the cat didn’t choke on any quarters this year. (Major win Read more

Holy Tuesday

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Teaching the disciples on the Mount of Olives centers Holy Tuesday. In our home, we focus on the Olivet Discourse, Matthew 24, as our main Bible reading for the day. Jeff and I have learned to start preparing the children for the Triduum by discussing the what we are doing, the how, and the why Read more

Holy Monday

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Holy Week starts today; traditionally, Monday of Holy Week represents Jesus tossing the sinners out of the Temple of Jerusalem. In our home, we use Holy Monday to begin our spring cleaning. We go through old clothes, old toys, and clean out cupboards. Later that day, we drive to Goodwill or our local St. Vincent Read more

An Easter Motto

An Easter Mottofeatured

Lent has ended, and the Easter season is here. For some reason, Lent is both my favorite and my most dreaded time. We always face massive upheavals during this time. Maybe it is my aversion to naming and acknowledging my emotions; maybe it’s that I pigeon-hole myself and fail to see God’s complete path. Whatever Read more