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Getting a Faceliftfeatured

The Linens is having some technical problems with compatibility. I will hopefully be able to sit down on Monday or Tuesday to fix it. Until then, please excuse the no frills look! You can find me at: Facebook Instagram Email : betweenthelinen (at) gmail (dot) com  

Commonplaces and Notebooking :: Seven Quick Takes

Commonplaces and Notebooking :: Seven Quick Takesfeatured

Notebooks and diaries have been a constant companion in my life. Reading The Living Page by Laurie Bestvater, I realized just how much I rely on writing to process what I read and help work through rough emotional patches. The tactile pleasure of writing and fresh blank sheets provide this excitement sparking my mind palace into working overtime. Read more

#5 Faves :: Novenas

#5 Faves :: Novenasfeatured

The great thing about being Catholic: devotions! Everywhere! Seriously, I love the diversity of worship and the unique ability to talk to God, the Saints, and the whole lot of Heaven in a way that suits my God-given temperament. In the beginning, I was nuts about doing ALL THE THINGS! I was overwhelmed with options Read more

The Hidden Inherent Virtues of the Cross

The Hidden Inherent Virtues of the Crossfeatured

“St. Peter Damian, nicknamed the “Monitor of the Popes”, lived during the High Middle Ages. He earned that nickname because his insight, his writings, and his advice was counted on to settle squabbles and complex political situations alike. Between all of his superhero dealings, he found time for contemplation and monastic life. Some scholars attribute Read more

An Easter Motto

An Easter Mottofeatured

Lent has ended, and the Easter season is here. For some reason, Lent is both my favorite and my most dreaded time. We always face massive upheavals during this time. Maybe it is my aversion to naming and acknowledging my emotions; maybe it’s that I pigeon-hole myself and fail to see God’s complete path. Whatever Read more