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A Happy Thanksgiving Daybook

A Happy Thanksgiving Daybookfeatured

Outside my window… snow. Last week, we had a massive lake effect dump over our area. After we dug ourselves out, the temperature did a flip flop into the 50 degree range. Everything melted; don’t worry, we will be having a white Thanksgiving anyways. Thinking about… family. We often live in different and far off Read more

Punches, Prudence, and Gratitude :: Letting it Shine

Punches, Prudence, and Gratitude :: Letting it Shinefeatured

Waking up on Dec. 6, our chickadees run downstairs pushing and shoving to find new shoes of some sort and various faith-based gifts by our fireplace with letters from the gift bringer, St. Nicholas. After we read or view the new gifts, we have a brunch together (cough, cough I hate mornings) in celebration of the Bishop of Read more

Letting it Shine:: An Advent Series on Growing in Anticipation

Letting it Shine:: An Advent Series on Growing in Anticipationfeatured

“It is a precious season. Advent summons us to fold the wings of our souls… {W}ings that are always spread and never folded in intense personal prayer, reflection, contemplation would be wings quickly spent or, perhaps, misspent.” Excerpt from Come, Lord Jesus: Meditations on the Art of Waiting by Mother Mary Francis, P.P.C. Reading that Read more

Who’s the Bully Now?

Who’s the Bully Now?featured

I was looking down at my child with rivers of tears pouring from her eyes. My anger suddenly dissipated from my mind leaving only a moment of clarity: I am such a bully. I used my words to punish my children. To tear them down. The adult was acting worse than these beautiful children were! I Read more

Living With the Saints

Living With the Saintsfeatured

  Since having children, my housekeeping skills have exponentially decayed in both care and in priority. We moved into this large five bedroom house two years ago, and you know what? It has to be cleaned. I had this great tidy routine at our smaller house on Fort Lee that allowed for all the major Read more